Monthly Archives: May 2014

Ontarian Crushes Montezuma With High-Powered Vaccine

Montezuma’s Revenge, Delhi Belly, Turkey Trots – it’s the illness with many names, made notorious by its frequent attacks on unsuspecting tourists worldwide.

Transparency in Baby Steps: Big Pharma Allows Peek at Trial Data

The world of drug discovery is often associated with the highly competitive, fiercely secretive pursuit of the next big breakthrough. Clinical research is carefully guarded, employees are sworn to secrecy,…

Novartis Vows to Cure Cancer by 2016

Novartis is placing heavy bets on a new high-tech cancer breakthrough that involves re-programing white blood cells to hunt down and kill cancerous growths. The formula has already been proven in several experimental cases, and Novartis anticipates its historic market release once testing has been concluded in 2016.

Cryonics for Veggies? New Science = Fresher Produce

Cryonics endeavours to outwit decay and decomposition by freezing humans moments after death.  At an appropriate future time (presumably one in which all diseases have been cured), the patient is…

GMO Food Labelling: Health or Hype?

Vermont has become the first US state to pass a bill that requires labels for genetically modified foods. The bill represents over a decade of relentless lobbying on the part…