Monthly Archives: June 2014

Food Poisoning at the World Cup: Volunteers Fall Sick After Luncheon

There are about 4 million cases of food borne illness in Canada each year. Anyone who’s experienced a dining experience turned bad knows just how horrific a bout of food…

Finding Money for School: Loans, Grants and Bursaries

Financial limitations stop many prospective students from pursuing their professional goals. Whether they’re preparing for a first job, or re-training to improve their marketability – new students often need outside funding to stay in school. AAPS supports applicants by helping them navigate the maze of public and private options, and providing access to its own scholarships and bursaries program.

Diabetes Drug Doubles as Anti-Aging Solution

Belgian researchers have discovered hidden properties of the diabetes drug, metformin. By slightly increasing levels of reactive oxygen molecules, the drug makes cells work a little harder – building strength and longevity which slow down the body’s natural aging process.

Risky Drugs Slip Past FDA: Family Doctor Blows the Whistle

Every medicine on the pharmacy shelf – from a bottle of aspirin to a prescription therapy – comes with a warning label. By law, drugmakers are required to list any…