Monthly Archives: April 2019

Interested in Drug Regulatory Affairs Training? 3 Facts About the New Canadian Drug Agency

Recently, the Canadian government announced in its 2019 Federal Budget that it would create a Canadian Drug Agency (CDA). The CDA will be designed to help lower the cost of…

What Students in Clinical Research Programs Should Know About Real-World Evidence

Clinical trials are highly controlled environments that allow researchers to monitor participants closely. This control gives scientists high-quality data about new drugs, but it also comes with limitations. Sometimes, for…

4 Facts About Salmonella and its Role in Recalls for Food Technology Training Students

Salmonella is linked to many food recalls. If you’re studying food technology training, here’s what you should know about salmonella and how to prevent it.

How Students in Pharmaceutical Quality Training Can Help Maintain Supplier Quality

Drug manufacturers need to ensure suppliers follow QA/QC standards. Here’s how pharmaceutical quality training helps you maintain quality with suppliers.