4 Reasons Why Pharmaceutical Quality Training Is an Excellent Idea

career in pharmaceutical quality control

Pharmaceutical professionals work to test, manufacture, and market drugs to the public. The manufacturing portion of the pharmaceutical industry alone employed almost 30,000 professionals in 2017, with employment growing by over 10% in the past five years.

AAPS College’s Pharmaceutical Quality Control Diploma Program can prepare students for a rewarding career in this growing industry with hands-on training. Graduates can go on to become laboratory analysts, validation chemists, or any number of other positions within the exciting field of pharmaceuticals.

Here are four reasons why pharmaceutical quality training is an excellent idea.

1. Be Part of a Growing and Resilient Industry

The pharmaceutical sector is a robust industry, with global revenues in excess of a trillion dollars a year. In Canada alone, pharmaceutical sales were over $25 billion in 2016.

The pharmaceutical sector is resilient as well. Even during times of economic difficulty, such as the 2008-2009 financial crisis, the pharmaceutical market in Canada has continued to grow, thanks in part to our aging population, as well as steady demand for products that are essential to the health and well-being of consumers.

With a high degree of stability and room for continued growth and advancement, there’s a lot for those completing their pharmaceutical quality control courses to look forward to.

Pharmaceutical professionals benefit from the industry’s long-term stability and growth

Pharmaceutical professionals benefit from the industry’s long-term stability and growth

2. Work With Cutting-Edge Technology to Deliver New Advances in Healthcare

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly advancing, both in terms of the products it releases and the cutting-edge technology it uses to research, develop, and manufacture those products. Employees in the pharmaceutical industry get to work with sophisticated machinery while taking part in important new developments in science and medicine. This makes it a great field for those who want an exciting career that can keep them at the forefront of new advances in science, health, and technology.

3. A Variety of Job Options after Pharmaceutical Quality Training

Pharmaceutical quality training can provide students with the education and training necessary to enter a variety of different jobs within the industry, giving them the flexibility they need to find a career that works for them. After completing their training, a graduate could find themselves working as a laboratory technician, conducting tests and analyzing results; a stability chemist, analyzing and improving the chemical stability of medications; or a document reviewer, overlooking the extensive documentation associated with drug development and sales. Regardless of which specific route they choose, graduates of the program can be assured that they have the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in their career.

4. A Career in Pharmaceutical Quality Control Is a Career Helping People

Job satisfaction is one of the biggest motivators for individuals seeking a career in the pharmaceutical industry. If you want a career that promises not only good pay and stability, but also the opportunity to help others through your work, then pharmaceutical quality training could be for you.

Pharmaceutical professionals are constantly developing and manufacturing products that are essential to maintaining and improving their customers’ quality of life, so employees can go to work every day knowing that they are helping people.

Pharmaceutical professionals get to work in an industry that helps people

Pharmaceutical professionals get to work in an industry that helps people

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