Food Quality & Safety Training 101: How New Products Are Developed

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The food and beverage industry is made up of incredibly competitive markets in which new products are developed, launched, and advertised to consumers all the time. It’s also an industry in which some products ultimately fail every year. However, for the most well thought-out, innovative, and high-quality food items, success is more than possible.

A new food product goes through many stages of development. As an up-and-coming food technology professional, understanding the processes behind the development of new food and beverage products is crucial to your understanding of the role of food technology and safety professionals in the broader industry. Keep reading to learn more about the food product development process!

New Food Products Need to Determine Their Target Audience

The first step in the development of a new food product is finding an attention-catching proposition that aligns closely with the wants and needs of consumers. At this stage it is important for product developers to determine who their precise target market is, and identify characteristics like age, purchasing power, location, gender, and more.

This information helps product developers tweak their product to best match consumer preferences. Does this demographic prize natural ingredients, responsible packaging, and organic options? If so, can these elements be incorporated into the product being created?

In addition, knowing who the potential audience is will help developers create messaging that speaks to potential consumers. For example, if an energy bar is being marketed toward young, active 20-somethings, messaging could emphasize the benefits of having convenient and filling snacks to support a fast-paced lifestyle. With their target audience in mind, product developers will be able to catch the attention of potential consumers and increase the chance of their product becoming popular and successful.

New product messaging must resonate with the desired target market

New product messaging must resonate with the desired target market

Understand What Consumers Value With a Food Technology Diploma

Determining how to pique the attention of a target audience is only part of the equation. Professionals must iron out other important factors that are a fact of life for every product, and that will ultimately attract a customer to follow through and make a purchase. Things like price, nutrition and ingredients, store placement and distribution, and shelf life will all affect whether customers ultimately opt for a product.

The insights from a food technology diploma can be helpful in this regard, as you’ll be well equipped to balance practical considerations with what your target audience wants. Will a certain ingredient drive prices up too high? Would a specific flavor affect nutritional content too much? An understanding of the product development process will make it easier for professionals to combine all of these demands into a safe and affordable product.

Understanding food production standards can help professionals meet customer needs responsibly

Understanding food production standards can help professionals meet customer needs responsibly

Product Loyalty: Where Food Quality & Safety Training Shines

Finally, developing product loyalty is an important and ongoing part of a food’s development as well as continued success. This is the stage at which airtight food quality & safety training can make all the difference.

The ability to assure consumers that a product has met strict safety standards has the benefit of building brand legitimacy, and can also help product developers ensure that they avoid future controversies that can arise from unsafely-prepared food products. By sending a new product through a meticulous quality and safety assessment process, product developers—whether working for a major company or as entrepreneurial individuals—can be confident that their product will have the best possible chance of taking over store shelves.

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