Corporate Training

As Canada’s leading pharmaceutical training college, Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences (AAPS) provides quality professional development education and training to industry, government and regulatory agencies worldwide.

Our postgraduate courses are intensive, hands-on, extremely focused and practical. Our method of training is highly interactive and our instructors our experts in their field. We are committed to providing ample opportunities for students and always happy to address individual concerns.

Students are able to choose from a variety of certificate courses or let us customize the training to suit any specific needs you may have. You have the opportunity to learn at the comfort of your office via our on-line courses, attending workshops at our state of the art facilities in Toronto or we can even bring the course to your site – the choice is yours!


Customized Solutions

Working towards developing a customized corporate solution that’s uniquely yours, our dedicated team will assess your needs and design a curriculum and individual programs that are perfectly suited to your requirements. We’ll help with everything from prioritizing the focus of content and providing relevant examples and activities to meeting your objectives and company culture.

“Best in Industry” Faculty

The AAPS leading industry faculty utilizes years of global expertise to bring your training sessions to life. With engaging instructional methods and real world examples, we always match faculty members that suit your organization’s culture.

Cost and Time Efficiency

Our courses are either offered at one centralized site or at one of many convenient locations of your choosing. This helps in reducing your travel time and accommodation costs. Depending on the level of customization that your business requires and the number of employees to be trained, our Corporate Solutions can often be more cost effective than sending the same individuals on an open enrollment course.

Continuing Education Credit

Your employees may use the credits they obtain towards a number of AAPS Diploma programs approved by the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities.

Guaranteed Full Client Service

From program design to logistical set-up to post-course follow up, you can be assured of smooth deployment with our organized and reliable program management team.

Training Acceleration

Since the audience will come from the same corporate atmosphere and have an understanding of your business, we can often reduce the duration of a program and maximize the training impact in the right amount of time.


Program delivery can be designed to accommodate your time limitations, with the possibility of weekday or weekend scheduling.

Corporate Confidentiality Protected

Your group can freely discuss the challenges you face every day and brainstorm to find solutions without fear of any of your corporate confidentiality being breached. AAPS and our faculty enter into a confidentiality agreement, so we can recommend using company issues or case examples from your organization in the course without any anxiety about confidentiality. These are then integrated into the lectures and workshops, providing an even more well-rounded training session that specifically targets your unique needs.

Consistency in Training

Simultaneous training results in everyone being on the same page.

Team Building

Interactive workshops built into the courses provide time for the staff to work together with the team.