Our spacious pharmaceutical lab at AAPS allows students to gain the hands-on experience they need in learning and running laboratory equipment, performing tests on pharmaceutical raw material, in-process material and finished products.

The laboratory is equipped with latest and greatest audiovisual equipment and fully automated HPLCs running with Empower and Millenium software as well as Dissolution, IR, UV, Auto-Titrators, Karl Fisher, Friability and Hardness Testers.

Our lab allows for plenty of space, helping students to maximize learning as well as giving them the ability to perform tests independently – preparing them for gainful employment within the pharmaceutical industry.


The newly constructed state-of-the-art analytical chemistry lab includes an instructional area, instrumentation area, support space, and preparation room storage.

Cutting-edge technology encourages hands-on and practical experiments and motivates students to incorporate what they have learned into their career training and, eventually their careers.

Special features of our modernized lab include a sample preparation station, wet chemistry testing station, physical chemistry testing station, HPLC, UV, IR, Autotitrators, pH meters and more. Students will be able to use these equipments independently to master instrumental and wet chemistry analysis.


Our unique microbiology lab houses range of microscopes, incubators, and autoclaves as well as various sample and test preparation stations. The interactive and innovative design allows microbiological, pathogenic as well as food allergen testing.