Frequently Asked Questions

What does AAPS offer online?

AAPS online includes recorded instructor certificate courses filled with practical examples that challenge you to apply what you’ve learned to the real world in which you’ll work and pursue your dreams.

With AAPS online students enjoy a Web-based learning experience that allows you to access study materials online. It’s the ideal choice for students who prefer a more engaging, computer-based learning environment and who cannot attend traditional classes

How do I enroll?

You can enroll by clicking on one course series information links (i.e., Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Compliance Series) in the AAPS home page ONLINE TRAINING section

Once you have clicked on a series you will be presented with a list of courses available within that series, along with course information.

Once you have decided on a course, click on REGISTER NOW within that course information.

If this is your first registration, you must create an AAPS account by clicking on the ‘Setup AAPS Account’ button. The account information will be displayed immediately and an email containing your account information will be sent to the email address entered during the account set-up process. Your AAPS account can be used for all your current and future course registrations.

Once you have an AAPS account, click on the ‘Course Registration’ button to complete the course enrolment process.

Once AAPS’s administration has processed the credit card payment for the course fee, your access to the course material will become active.

I registered and enter my credit card information but my course is not activated yet, Why?

The course access is not active until AAPS administration have actually processed and confirmed the course fee payment. This is done during their normal business hours, so if you register late at night or on the weekend you may have to wait until the business day before access to your course is active

Can I print the presentation?

No, the presentations are set-up for online viewing only. There is no printable version.

How long to I have to complete the course?

You have 3 months to complete a course module. If you have enrolled in multiple modules (i.e., selected full course enrolment), the next module will be automatically activate with 3 more months to complete.

I have completed the module but it does not allow me to proceed to the next module indicating that the course is incomplete. How do I complete a Module?

Once you have reviewed all the sessions within a module and feel you have a good understanding of the material content you must write a final exam to complete the module.

The final exam can be accessed from the main menu. You will receive an email confirmation for each module exam completed and upon completion of all modules, your email will contain a link to a survey. Once you have completed the survey, AAPS will issue a course certificate.

Does the system save my progress so that when I resume studying, it starts up where I left off in the previous session?

The system does not save your progress but you can quickly navigate through the course by clicking on the slide list on the left side of the screen.

If I do a practice quiz are the results saved?

The answers are temporarily saved to show you the results and then cleared once you have reviewed the results.

Can I do a practices quiz more than once?

Yes, you can retake the quiz if you wish.

Can I completely skip a module within a course?

No, in fact the application will force you to take the course in module sequence

What do I need to complete in order to receive a certificate?

Once you have completed all modules, your results email for the final module will contain a link to a survey. Once you have completed the survey, AAPS will issue a course certificate and mail it to you.

Do I receive certificate for each module?

No, a certificate is only issued upon completion of all modules with the course.

Do I receive a transcript?

Yes, along with your certificate you will receive a course transcript.

What is the final exam format?

The final online module exams consist of a combination of 30 multiple choice and/or true/false questions and the time allowed to complete is 45 minutes. The passing mark is 60%.