Sports, Nutrition and Weight Management Certificate

Eating a balanced, nutritious diet is vital for promoting optimal health and well being. Understanding the link between diet, health and exercise is a key component in designing training programs that reduce weight and risk of injury as the body ages. Whether for athletic purposes, weight management or general well being, these certificate courses cover valuable nutritional and metabolic information, including nutrition fundamentals, clinical nutrition and the effects of diet and ergogenic aids.


Basic Nutrition: This course helps students examine the essentials of how nutrition affects human health by covering topics such as food constituents important in nutrition, the six categories of nutrients, toxicities, and more.

Nutritional Assessment: Students will gain an understanding of nutrition’s role in healthcare, how to properly assess and diagnose nutritional problems, and designing nutritional care plans.

Nutrition in Aging: This course builds student’s knowledge of physiological changes in older adults, and how nutrition and diet play vital roles in maintaining wellbeing.

Nutrition in Disease State (Clinical Nutrition): Learn how nutrition affects individual health and how lifestyle and diet changes can be used to manage and treat nutrition-related ailments.

Weight Management: This course teaches students about the characteristics of a healthy diet, nutritional factors that affect weight, and the health risks involved with unhealthy weight and eating disorders.

Nutrition in Life Cycle: Students will learn about the importance of nutrition throughout the human life cycle, as well as discuss women’s pregnancy health needs, high risk populations, and more.

Sport Nutrition

Nutrition for the Endurance-Sports Athlete: Students will analyze triathlon athletes as a practical example of the nutritional demands of endurance sports.

Nutrition for the Strength-Sports Athlete: Students with a passion for sports and fitness will learn the skills and techniques required to help athletes and sports teams reach optimal performance.

Nutrition for Intermittent Exercise and Sports: This course provides students with a brief review of nutritional support for training in team sports.

Supplements in Health and Sport: Learn the underlying influences of nutritional aids like diet, supplements, and ergogenic aids on the body and how they impact exercise and sport performance.

Doping in Sport (project included): This course examines the existing international regulations and developments of anti-doping in sports.